How often should I do yoga?

Starting yoga is similar to starting any physical activity, so easing into it can be helpful. As with all physical activity, working towards three times per week or more is optimal – but I have many clients who benefit greatly from a once a week class. If you are already physically fit, coming more frequently may seem natural. Most classes at Bliss Yoga are 75 minutes long, 65 Minutes of activity with 10 minutes for relaxation. At any time during class you can take breaks or settle into a comfortable position for any duration of time. As you continue practicing yoga, it is common to want to come more frequently. The different types of classes offer a variety of yoga experiences. One day you may choose a Power Yoga class while the nest day Hatha Flow seems more suitable to how you feel.

I am new to yoga. What should I know?

All you really need to know is that you are ready for yoga and its is ready for you. Yoga is challenging, yet not competitive. The person on the mat next to you is not staring at you. In yoga you go at your own pace and you are in your own world. You will likely start to notice the benefits of yoga after just a few classes. Expect to sweat a litle. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring water. Anticipate a feeling of bliss after the last relaxation called “Savasana”.

I am not flexible. Is yoga for me?

My answer to this question is always this: Being flexible is not a criteria for doing yoga, it is a result of doing yoga!
If you are not flexible, yoga is definitely for you. If you got out of bed this morning you are flexible enough for yoga. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not about being flexible. By practicing yoga regularly you will find improvement in your flexibility. But every body is different and every person has an individual experience with yoga. Some people find flexibility comes easily while others swear their hamstrings are only two inches long. Either way, the overall benefits of yoga can be extensive for everyone. So why not give yoga a try?

I am pregnant. Can I still practice yoga?

My answer? Absolutely! Yoga is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby! There are several steps that you must first take, though, before showing up at a Yoga class when you are pregnant:
1) First consult your doctor or midwife. You will want request a written note from them explaining that you are pregnant and that they believe you can and should partake in a yoga practice.
2) The next step is to call me. During this conversation we will discuss whether or not you are just continuing a practice that you have always had, or starting yoga for the first time with your pregnancy. Together we will decide which class is best for you. I am always excited to have prenatal/postnatal clients.
3) Once we have talked and made our decisions, all you have to do is to come to the class we have decided on and breathe, move and connect with yourself!

I have never done yoga before, but my doctor recommended it – where do I start?

The best thing to do if you think yoga might be right for you is to give me a call. During this phone call I will ask you about your needs and inquire about any health issues. We will discuss and decide on what class would be right for you. Depending on your health and health history I might recommend a Gentle Therapeutic Class which offers a very gentle start to a yoga practice for beginners and those returning to the practice. I may also suggest a Hatha Flow Class which is beginner freindly too. In some instances, I may require you have a doctor’s note before you start – as an example: in the case of recent surgery, injury or pregnancy.

What do I bring to class? What do I wear to class?

What to Bring:
I have Yoga mats, and all yoga props at the studio for everyone to use. That being said, if you have a yoga mat that you just love, you are welcome to bring it and use it 🙂
You may want to bring a water bottle – I do have a jug of filtered water for you to refil your bottle.
What to Wear:
Make sure that you wear comfortable, fitted clothing. Loose shirts can sometimes slide up in certain postures, which can distract you from your yoga experience.
Lastly, Yoga is practiced barefoot. No need for socks or shoes.

Will yoga help me lose weight?

The gain and loss of weight typically derives from the intake versus the expenditure of calories. Proper nutrition, adequate sleep, limited stress, and regular exercise all contribute to weight loss. By maintaining a routine yoga practice, a person can supplement a weight loss regimine. Not only can yoga provide fitness, it also helps a person mentally focus. Both are necessary in a commitment to weight loss.

Yoga seems intimidating. When does it become more comfortable?

Yoga meets you where you are today. The beauty of yoga is that truly it’s just you and your mat. At first yoga may seem strange because your body isn’t used to the postures or the movement. But give it a few sessions and I promise you will find your own groove. It is important to remember that yoga is not a competition. No one is class does anything exactly the same as anyone else and that is how it is supposed to be. The pressure to perform is non-existent. It is just yoga and slowly but surely you will get more comfortable with it.