Massage hands

An Indian Head Massage is a powerful and unique experience with the client sitting upright in a comfortable chair for the duration of the one-hour treatment. It begins with a deep kneading and probing of the back, arms, neck and shoulder muscles.

Then the scalp is deeply massaged while the hair is briskly and gently tousled. Pressure points and meridians are gently worked on throughout the whole massage working to stimulate circulation and increase alertness. The massage ends with five minutes of acupressure on the face.

The physical form of the massage works to release all stored or blocked negative energy in the body, with a more subtle form of Ayurvedic energy balancing balances the four higher chakras and has a powerful effect. Combined with the fresh flow of energy from Reiki, the Indian Head Massage can bring the energy of the whole body back into balance by creating a deep sense of peace, calm and well-being.

Generally, a client will find an improvement in hair quality, happiness and general well-being after one to four sessions.

  • One massage 60 minutes: $85.00 + GST
  • Package of 4 massages: $310.00 + GST

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Reiki Treatments:  60 Minutes:  $65.00 + GST