Post Holiday Yoga….5 Steps for Getting Back to Class!

Blue Buddha

It’s about to be a new year:? 2018.? You’ve made it through the holidays and your regular routine has gone to the dogs. Feeling worried about coming back to classes?? Not sure where to start?? Want to start a yoga practice to take care of you this year?? It IS the right time.? Here are 5 tips to getting over starting all over again or starting for the first time with your yoga practice…

Getting back to the mat can be an anxiety-provoking experience if you?ve taken a hiatus.?So, what’s the best way to get?back to yoga?after a long time away?

Here are 5 Steps for making getting back to your mat a little easier:

  1. The most important thing?Just come to a class. Book it and show up.?
  1. Recognize that our expectation is generally much worse than our reality: As Honore de Balzac said, ?…most miseries lie in anticipation.? Studies have shown that people rate actually experiencing a task to be a less negative experience than what they anticipated it to be. So?know that, in spite of what your anxiety might be telling you, it probably won?t be that bad! In fact, it will probably be great! Either way, congratulate yourself for having the courage to get back in the Studio. Your mind and body will thank you!!!
  1. Be compassionate to yourself getting back to class?lower or abolish your expectations: Chances are, you?re not going to be as flexible as you were when you were practising 2 days a week. So, find your inner Buddha, let go of striving and expectation, and open up to whatever experience(s) you meet in the room. Be kind to you!
  1. You’re coming back! ?Let that make you feel good! ? Yoga is always here for you.? Whether you have been away for a summer, a year or a month, yoga is an old friend that doesn?t judge you.
  1. Lastly, something to keep in mind:? For me personally as a yoga teacher, I am here for you too ?- not for me!?? Yes, I love teaching yoga? but I wouldn?t love it if there weren?t any students. I wouldn?t be a teacher if I was just talking at an empty room.? You being in class is what makes me a teacher! You being here is what makes Bliss Yoga Studio the wonderful sanctuary that it is!? I?m truly excited to see every student who walks through the door. The ones who have never been before, the students I?ve known for years and everyone in between.

See you in class!