ZOOM Yoga – Everything you Need to Know and more…

ZOOM YOGA.  Seems intimidating to some, but folks, it isn’t!  And in the current global situation – well… it’s what we can do!  Honestly, it is quite fun.  Ready to try but don’t have all the info you need?  Here it is:

What:    Zoom Hatha Flow with Brooke

When:   Tuesdays: 7pm PST starting Tuesday, September  22nd.

How:     Book via MINDBODY.  Punchcards or Drop in Pricing available.

This time or day doesn’t work for your schedule?  No problem!  The recorded class will be available one hour after the class for a 3 full days.  Virtual yoga not your thing?  We really encourage you to give it a try.  We can’t emphasize this enough. Some of our most loyal participants over the summer were a hard NO until they said yes and attended their first ZOOM class.

Bonus: Even if you do attend the live class…you can do the class again via the recording all week!  So, if you like yoga twice a week or your wi-fi glitches or your people unexpectedly need you at 6:59pm?  We’ve got you covered! 🙂


Step One:

  • Book class as usual through MindBody app/or your computer
  • Pay by Punchcard OR purchase a Drop-In spot at time of booking
  • 10pm Monday is the deadline for booking
  • Zoom link will be emailed to you by 12 Noon PST Tuesday

Step Two:

  • By 6:50pm PST Tuesday night click the ZOOM link in the email from us to “Join the Meeting”—checkyour camera and sound.  Getting in early is critical. WE cannot admit folks after 7pm!  Not even at 7:01pm!
  • Brooke will admit folks from the “Waiting Room” as they arrive –  once admitted you are welcome to step away until class starts OR stay on camera and chat with the folks you can see or hear.  This can be a nice way to be in community – very similar to when we are in Studio
  • A few minutes before 7pm, Brooke will share any announcements and answer any questions
  • She will prompt you to choose: to turn your camera (VIDEO)Off or On  Brooke can’t see you from her mat so off works just fine
  • You will MUTE yourself (important)
  • Brooke will let you know that the Recording is ON and class will start

Step Three:   

  • At the end of class, just like in Studio, Brooke will guide you to close the practice & say Namaste
  • Brooke will then stop recording—at that time, if you wish, turn your camera (VIDEO) back on and unmute yourself to join in a saying a community Namaste.  You are also welcome to stay in Savasana longer or slip away if that’s best for you
  • Brooke will stay after class for few minutes and then end the meeting
  • Recording will be emailed to you by 8:45pm PST Tuesday—enjoy until Friday night!

Voila!  We can’t wait to see you online!

Don’t hesitate to call, text or email if you have questions!

10 Reasons to Practice Restorative Yoga


Sometimes you’ve just got to slow everything right down.

When your life is racing full-speed ahead, so is your mind. Restorative yoga helps provide that physical and mental balance to prevent stress and anxiety, through the use of props that allow you to hold poses longer, giving you all the benefits of deep, passive stretching.

Here are some wonderful reasons to take a chance on trying a Restorative Yoga class. Have a look and consider the benefits of this nourishing yoga practice.

1. Benefit from Full and Deep Stretches

Think you have to “work” to give your body benefit? Not necessarily.  True, an active practice is fabulous, but there’s only so long that you can stay in an intense backbend! In reality, long, supported poses help your body to fully engage, soften, and allow the precise positioning to work its magic.

2. Enhance Flexibility

All forms of yoga help make you bendier, but regular use of restorative poses leads you more quickly to this nirvana.  It is important to note though, that Restorative yoga is not class with an end goal in mind- like being able to touch your toes after 10 sessions. The only goal is to explore what happens when you release the tension your body habitually holds.

3. Find out Where You Hold Your Stress

Restorative poses give you the opportunity to notice where you hold tension. Once you come to this realization, you can make small changes in your everyday life to reduce the stress and tension you allow to build up in your body.

4. Boost Your Immune System

A regular Restorative yoga practice helps to improve your immune system!

5. Balance Your Nervous System

Restorative practice engages your nervous system and takes your body into a state that allows for renewal and rejuvenation. Benefits include optimizing energy flow to the organs, tissue renewal, and reduced “fight or flight” response.

6. Quiet Your Mind

Restorative yoga can be a calming hug for your overstimulated mind. It’s important to be patient; just because your body is resting doesn’t mean your mind will automatically grow silent.  Over time, you will learn how to drop into a place of stillness and be content peacefully basking in the present moment.

7. Recover from Illness

We all need rest, whether or not you’re recovering from muscle strain, a broken bone, a bad bout of flu, or a chronic illness. Just because you’re not practicing more “active” asanas doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from yoga’s healing powers.  Restorative yoga allows you to practice when your energy is low and your body is building strength.

8. Heal Emotional Pain

Just as you need to build physical strength after illness, you need to heal emotional injuries. Restorative poses offer soothing care for when you are processing the loss of a loved one or a relationship, coming to terms with a change in your life, or dealing with depression or anxiety.

9. Create Healthy patterns

Muscles have memory.  The brain is a muscle.  When you do good things for yourself, you brain begins to get in the habit of craving those good things!

10.  You Will just feel better!

When practiced regularly, Restorative yoga is a nourishing and life-enhancing practice.  Won’t you join us for our next class? Consider joining us to rest & restore this winter.

Restorative Yoga  at Bliss Yoga Studio:

January 6th to March 6th

Mondays: 7:30pm-8:45pm

Fridays: 9:30am-10:45am