Vascular Therapy

Introducing BEMER Vascular Therapy

What is BEMER?


BEMER is a patented technology from Switzerland that improves circulation of your blood vessels, thus allowing the natural reparation processes of your body to work more efficiently. This ability can offer you a host of benefits including:

  • Improved blood flow;
  • Enhanced nutrient and oxygen supply;
  • Improved waste disposal ability;
  • Improved cardiac and aerobic function;
  • Better fitness, endurance, and strength;
  • Increased concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation;
  • Energy boost; and
  • Better sleep quality.

The BEMER vascular therapy device really is your key to potential performance improvement and increased quality of life!

Address Vasomotion and Transform Your Body

Improved vasomotion efficiency (the narrowing and widening of your blood vessels) is the key to BEMER vascular therapy.

Our heart pumps blood to the arteries and veins with great efficiency, but struggles to supply the 74% of the human body which is serviced by smaller, micro-vessels. And it is within these where oxygen, nutrients, and waste are exchanged and removed. If oxygen and nutrients cannot be exchanged, you cannot achieve optimal health.

How Long Does a BEMER Treatment Take?

A short, 8-minute session can be enough to reap the rewards offered by BEMER vascular therapy. For Pain due to joint issues, auto-immune issues, inflamation a more intense treatment of 30 minutes is recommended.

What are the BEMER Side Effects?

To date, no dangerous side effects have been detected with long-term use of the BEMER vascular therapy device.

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BEMER enhances your body’s diverse, naturally self-regulating mechanisms, with no evidence of any dangerous side effects. Results are scientifically proven and its mode of action is grounded in practice and theory, having been tried and tested over a long period of practical application.

Generally a Vascular Therapy Treatment precedes a Laser Treatment for maximum benefit.


BEMER machine

How do you book?

Call/text or email to request a time that works for you.


30 Min Treatment:  $50.00 plus GST

10 Pack – 30 Min Treatments:  $400.00 plus GST

This treatment can be added to a massage treatment to address stubborn and painful areas!